Drive-in Cinema located in a small town called Contagem, near Belo-Horizonte in central-eastern Brazil hosted by an outlet shopping center called Só Marcas Outlet. A great idea that started in the COVID-19 pandemic to bring moments that unite culture and entertainment in the safety of your own car.

If in theaters around the world, the fashion of drive-in cinemas is back, it was natural that, sooner or later, Brazil would start winning its versions.

The curiosity to experience the feeling of a drive-in movie is not new, it started long ago in the 60s, so we opted for a retro, vintage look, but with a lively color palette. We love the result as it conveys the cinema experience.

We also created printed arts such as:

  • Entry and exit boards

  • Information boards

  • Flyers

  • Stickers for the popcorn buckets

All of this added the charm that was missing for this project to start and be a success.


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