Lebanese family restaurant in the middle of the Amazon jungle in Brazil. Many family recipes full of history, with fresh and tasty food.


Jarude needed a more structured brand that could convey all the tradition and known presence with the locals as well as the need to seek an exciting customer experience, ensuring a better appreciation and exposure of the food offered. We also wanted to improve the quality of the content, organize its posts with an editorial calendar and improve the communication within the community.


The increase of 1000 followers in less than 30 days was achieved with low financial investment and combined storytelling, SEO, Web development and planning strategies.

The great results put Jarude in the top of mind of its audience, increased visibility, engagement and caused the company to increase sales even during the Covid-19 pandemic.



The new concept created for Jarude seeks to transmit the tradition and expertise of the Lebanese kitchen, as well as delivering a clearer message to its consumers.

All content delivered to his audience maintains the same tone and persuasion as that. Familiar, heartly, humble and genuine. With characteristics of a restaurant that positions itself as an authority in its market.

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