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Visualize your ideas more clearly with the help of a moodboard

What is a moodboard?

A moodboard is a kind of mural that can be composed of visual elements that represent the essence of a project or idea.

It is like an inspiration panel that helps to define the identity that was missing to transform any work into something special.

You’ve probably already heard of a moodboard. The results of this exercise are excellent to boost the development of ideas and concepts, as well as being the ideal tool to define the essence of any business, job, or project.

Creation processes are unique and involve diverse paths. Some flow miraculously fast, others take a lot of time and effort. As important as it is to respect the time of each thinking mind, deadlines exist and time, in fact, does not stop.

Tools such as a moodboard are able to feed your creative side and start meaningful projects. A great way to start on your creative journey.

What is it for?

This tool consists of visual elements - images, videos, vectors, illustrations, and similar resources - that somehow translate the essence of projects, ideas, products, or any inspiration.

Graphic design, advertising, architecture, and fashion are areas that traditionally use this tool a lot.



You can find photos on Google, Unsplash, Pexels, Pizabay, Adobe Stock or Morgue File. These are the ones we use and recommend.


It lets you create boards and is by far the best way to get inspired. If you're not using it, go now and create an account!


Using Canva’s drag-and-drop design tools makes it much easier and faster to create a moodboard. Browse through their amazing collection of professionally made templates then start customizing the ones you like best to fit your project perfectly.

Search our media library for images, illustrations, and more design elements, move things around, change things up, then share your mood board with the rest of the world.

This is the one we made on canva:


On paper or on the wall is amazing. Definitely worth printing all inspirations and placing them in the workspace, you can play around with textures, turn on music that takes you to this sensation! Create an experience and dive headfirst in your idea's atmosphere.



A very important point when making your moodboard is the color palette. It can cover different colors or follow variations of the same shade, but it is important to understand the relationship of this with the rest of the project.

Once again, revisiting the strategies that involve visual identity is a practically mandatory activity when it comes to choosing colors. Often they have already been selected in advance, you're just missing secondary tones and putting them into practice.

Work with textures

In addition to images, adding texture to your moodboard is an interesting tactic to dive deeper into ideas.

In this assumption, we use textures that can be applied in the construction of a house, for example. The idea is to adapt the concept to any project - not necessarily those involving architecture and decoration - because the element can be analyzed subjectively and represent essences that go beyond its obvious use.

Thinking about the textures that define your mood board we could find silk, lace, or velvet, for example. The element is responsible for offering a more tangible view of the final result.

Pay attention to typography

Writing is also visual and its elements must be thought out intelligently. It is not the time to write the text of the project, but to understand how all those words will be arranged visually. Remember - again - the visual identity of the brand.

Think of resources beyond the image

In addition to the static content, we cannot forget the videos. Videos came with full-force to this new digital era since mid-2018 and are here to stay.

When it comes to generating inspiration and contributing to the construction of the board, bet on content with movement. It becomes even easier to be inspired and define that brand's personality.

Video apps are responsible for making the job simpler and more practical if you choose to create this from scratch.

When we work with mood boards on a daily basis, the concept makes more and more sense in a natural way.

From start to finish, while you contemplate and analyze the result, you must understand and define the essence of your idea.

To make sense, it must be in harmony with its source. Strip your idea naked as I like to call it.

If you want NOMAD to create this for you or your business don't hesitate to contact us.

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