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tools to save your time on social media

Publish posts, control the number of publications, number of likes, number of comments, likes, and views. Interact with everyone and, at the same time, analyze data and make necessary changes.

All of these steps are essential for the development and growth of an account on social networks. Along with this, being able to interpret the metrics is one of the most important steps in this management.

By choosing to use a tool for the management of social networks, you optimize your time, improve the quality of publications, and even automate some processes that you had to do manually.

What are the best tools for managing social networks?

1. Social Sprout

Sprout Social was created by one of the best-known names in Digital Marketing: Neil Patel. It allows you to perform standard monitoring of social networks and even schedule posts. In addition, it offers metrics tracking and some other analytical functions.

It is also possible to manage keywords and hashtags, in addition to following everyone who is talking about the brand on social networks. This tool is paid and ideal for teams and agencies, as it allows the management of different accounts at the same time.

2. Canva

This tool is extremely useful, especially for those who want to create creative layouts with a more attractive design. It is available in the free or paid version, with a few more features.

Very easy and intuitive, you can work with it without major difficulties. Among the possibilities is the creation of logos, business cards, and posts for social networks. You can search the list of ready-made templates for whatever you like or create layouts from scratch.

3. CoSchedule

The common thread between pretty much any social scheduling tool is the same: Saving time.

CoSchedule emphasizes efficiency for marketing teams and individuals alike. Integrating with company blogs via WordPress, the platform allows brands to publish and push content to social media simultaneously.

Additionally, CoSchedule provides a comprehensive “Top Content Report” which documents social shares and engagement. This is a fantastic feature for content creators looking to figure out which pieces are resonating most with readers.

4. Plann

Plann lets you draft, preview, design, schedule, and prepare to post to Instagram from one all-inclusive app. It's a powerful social media scheduling app that will help you out a lot when it comes to planning your future posts.


Because Instagram is a highly visual social media platform, a successful strategy using it is dependent on your creating stunning visual content. VSCO empowers Instagrammers of all skill levels to edit images and video so that they look as though they were produced by a professional. The platform, available on iOS and Android, is a pleasure to use because it is so sleek and intuitive.

6. Linktree

In a move that's somewhat controversial, Instagram allows users only one opportunity to link out of the platform to another website. But there's a solution: Linktree is a free tool that turns one link into many by creating an intermediate landing page. This page allows visitors to choose where they land on the target website.

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