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visual identity isn't just a fancy word for your logo!

People often have the wrong idea that visual identity is a more fancy name for the company logo. What is not true. Your professional logo is part of the visual identity of your brand, but it's not limited to that.

At Nomad, we define a company's visual identity as a set of design items such as the logo, typography, graphic illustrations and vectors, colors, as well as some non-tangible aspects, such as sensations and values ​​to be transmitted that are used in the company's communication materials.

From these elements, we create the brand's Visual Style Guide or Visual Brand Book.

It's a document that will guide us designers so that the brand is correctly applied to graphic materials (institutional and commercial), on the website, on social networks, on signs and facades, on employees' uniforms, on vehicles and at any point of contact that the brand has with its stakeholders.

What is the importance of developing a visual identity?

Visual identity is what generates the first impact on the public. It is through it that your customers and prospects will understand, subjectively, the company's message, values, and personality. Therefore, we can affirm that a well-built visual identity is the strength and security of the brand.

All the care we have when we get ready for an interview, for a party is partly to make a good first impression, isn't it? The visual identity of the brand is what makes the first impression, just like your bomb outfit for that first date.

For you to better understand this importance, think of famous brands, like McDonald’s, Apple, or Nike. Most people can recognize it only by the logo and its colors. These companies don't even have to keep their name close to design.

Now, in order to build a successful visual identity, you need to be careful when choosing the colors, typography, and shapes that best reflect your business. It is also necessary to print the company's differentials, align it with the idea of ​​marketing segmentation, and build up your branding strategy in all different media platforms.

What are the differences between visual identity and branding?

The two elements may be within the same spectrum, but they differ greatly.

Check it out below:

Visual identity

It is the set of all visual aspects that accompany a product, company, or service. It usually contains the colors, and the communication contents, textures, icons, shapes, symbols, and the logo generated from these elements.


We can define branding as the set of strategies and elements of management aimed at consolidating and growing the brand. These aspects include the posture, personality of the company, storytelling, and the way it wants to be seen by its customers.

The purpose of branding is to arouse positive and targeted sensations to attract the company's desired audience. When done well, it makes the brand respected and well-liked by people, so that it is the first thing that comes to the mind of the brand-persona when it thinks about the product or solution that your company offers.

What criteria should be considered when creating a visual identity?

First of all, know that a visual identity must be created by an experienced designer who works with exclusive resources, which are really aligned with your company.

Hiring websites that make logos in five minutes for very low prices are tempting at first, but it can cause problems in the future and it's not really reliable. That's also because there is a risk that other companies will have parts very similar to yours. It will never be unique.

It is also necessary that the designer has the freedom to make a detailed study of the company, analyzing the elements of its culture. In this way, (s)he will try to translate into images what the mission, vision, and values ​​of a brand say, for example.

Another relevant point is the study of the target audience. It's important to aim your design towards its possible customers, attract them, and talk to them.

If you're interested in a unique visual identity and branding strategy please don't hesitate to contact us here or through DM on here.

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