Known as a consultant, coach, instructor and speaker, Simone has background and know-how in the area of entrepreneurship and leadership. 


When Simone first contacted NOMAD, she searched for a website to showcase her passion, tell her story, and create a community of leaders within her reach. 
We wanted to concretize her image with a defined visual identity since she's the face of her business. 
Your digital business card is the customer's first contact seeking mentoring and is essential in the process of selling your services.


NOMAD developed an innovative website layout that sought to ensure the engagement of Simone's customers with its concept, inviting us to always be 1% better every day. The photos of past events, her podcasts, videos, and free e-books are so cool that we even wanted to get involved.


We used the concept of leadership and perseverance of a climber. Nomad developed a logo and a complete visual identity for Simone's digital and printed content.

In addition to improving her digital image and position, we help her customers understand the need to purchase her services for their own achievements.

To solidify her community she kept impulsing her Telegram group and socials, and with our lead generation strategy, she offers free e-books and welcomes new leaders every day with her optimized website.


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