Dark Kitchen Concept focussed on ethnic cuisine, based in Barcelona and Madrid. 

4 different brands, 1 hub, delivery, and take-away.



We wanted to create one account that could showcase the diversity of the 4 different brands as a whole. 


The increase of 20% of the followers in less than 60 days was achieved with low financial investment and constant online presence. We realised creative photoshoots, collaborations with local and international artists such as designers and the ceramics company

Niho Ceramics.

The great results increased visibility, engagement, and caused the company to increase sales even during the

Covid-19 pandemic.


The new concept created for Super Kitchen seeks to transmit the international influences and expertise of the brands, as well as delivering a clearer message to its consumers.

All content delivered to the audience maintains the same tone and persuasion as that.

Young, cool, and easy-going.

With characteristics of a kitchen that positions itself as a unique and creative space to not only enjoy food but appreciate cultural flavors.